Electronic music/producer Ramiro Rubio was born in Laredo, Texas, but moved to Guadalajara, Mexico, at a very young age. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where he studies music production and sound design at the prestigious music schools: Los Angeles Recording School and Dubspot. Ramiro is taking electronic music in North America to the next level and has been playing professionally since 2012. He is very active in the Mexican electronic music scene, playing at the top venues sharing the stage with international DJs such as Martin Garrix, MOTi, Matisse & Sadko, Julian Jordan, to mention a few.

 Everything Ramiro does in the DJ booth is a combination of madness and party. His music can be described as the most select electro and progressive house can be perceived, highlighting rhythmic, melodic and energetic sounds, with lines of heavy drums. As a producer, Ramiro has been growing with support from artists such as Broz Rodriguez, Olsen, Munar and also from his mentors: Jason Ross and Digital Freq, from whom he has learned much from. Ramiro’s sound is still developing and grows daily.


 Check out his music here: https://soundcloud.com/ramirorubioofficial