Jorge Nava- also known as DJ Nava, is one of the most talented DJs/producers on the scene. He’s performed at over a dozen music festivals, including DJ Fest 2016 and Holi Festival of Colors. These venues are where he also often takes the stage with other musicians, creating great live collaborations. Past artists who’ve wored with Nava include Sander Van Doorn, Deadmau5, and Steve Aoki.

Nava has also won several awards, including being named the Best Latin-American DJ at the EMPO Awards and the Best Mexican Producer with International Projection Award at the DJ World Music Awards.

2016 will go down as yet another successful year for Nava. His single “Spectra,” which was made in collaboration with Lemarroy, was released under Magic Island/Blackhole Recordings label, which is property of Roger Shah, Tiësto and Arny Bink. Nava didn’t stop after that track. “Echoes,” his second single this year with Lemarroy, was launched by Jumpers Recordings and used as anthem for the Corona Element Festival.