A pair of twins born in Monterrey, Mexico. They emerge from the taste for music and the desire to show that the electronic scenario is not only a matter of gender but of creativity, passion, and dedication.

At the beginning of their career they had to break paradigms and taboos around female DJ’s. Watching the evolution of the Electronic scenario, at the age of 16 Karla and Karen beganto create their own sounds in a studio, and thus becoming DJ’s with time, and gaining experience with different types of public and adapting to various musical genres. Le Twins had been headliners in massives events, festivals and the best clubs all around Mexico. They have been part of huge platforms because of the people request. They have been part of Holi Colours, Pray To Music, EcolorFest, Feria De San Marcos, Snow Electronic Music Experience, International Beach Festival, LA SANTA, CLASSICO RAGGA, SIRILO and more.

Their energy and passion are qualities that make them outstanding Artists. The public receives all that energy and passion in every show they present. All this making them become the national exponent they are right now. Some of the clubs Le Twins have been to, LA SANTA , KISS & FLY , CLASSICO , RAGGA, SIRILO, and many more…

In 2015 Le Twins began a tour in Mexico, presenting their show in cities such as Guadalajara, Monterrey, Campeche, Puerto Vallarta, Boca de Iguanas, Mexico City, Miami and private events in the USA adapting to different musical genres without losing their characteristic style such as: Electro House, Bass House, Future bass, Other, Pop comercial, Techno, Deep House.

Along their young and promising career they have shared stages with artists of national and international level Such as…

  • Lil Jon • Quintino • VINAI • Sandro Silva • Sak Noel • Ftampa • Tara Mc Donald • Plastik Funk • Noizekid • Broz Rdz • Jorge Nava • Carl Nuñes • Mariana Bo • Jessica Audiffred • Pain Killer • And more..